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Investment services

In the dynamic landscape of the MENA region, fostering entrepreneurship and supporting local startups are pivotal for driving economic growth.

Wedo acts as an innovative platform dedicated to empowering MENA's business ecosystem, particularly in Iraq & KRI, and has forged strong partnerships with VCs to leverage their expertise and capital in fostering the growth of local startups.


  • Innovative investment strategies
  • Flexible financial models
  • Impact metrics that matter
  • Risk assesment & Due diligence
  • Full-cycled support: from start to sustainability


Our mission is to bridge the gap between budding entrepreneurs and the resources they need to thrive. By collaborating with prominent VCs across the region, we aim to create a supportive and nurturing environment where startups can flourish. We help with:

  • Access to finance preparation for investment readiness &fundraising
  • Due diligence
  • Incubation & acceleration comprehensive programs
  • Direct involment & connection with VCs and angel investors
  • Facilitating networking opportunities
  • Corporate governance & board services
  • Market insights and research

Customize training programs related to investment

We prioritize real-world experience over mere theory. Wedo collaborates with industry players to deliver practical insights that empower startups and investors alike. Our training programs are designed and implemented both in-house and in cooperation with experts to ensure customizability based on specific needs. Understanding market trends, conducting effective due diligence, and making informed decisions are vital components for startups seeking funding and investors searching for promising opportunities.

  • Investment readiness program
  • Fundraising course
  • Incubation program (based on a need)
  • Accelerator (based on a need)
  • Market readiness training
  • Corporate governance & boards
  • Investors training for potential investors
  • Due diligence & risk management

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